Speaker | Expert in decision-making under pressure | Firefighter

How do you make decisions?

It seems like a simple question, but the answer is certainly not. We think we make very rational choices, but in practice this is often not true.

And as a firefighter, I must make my decisions very rationally, right? I can tell you; firefighters also do not always make rational decisions in the heat of the moment.

During my talks and workshops I like to take you on a trip into your own brain. How does this really work when you make decisions?

  • How well are you able to perceive?
  • Why do we give in to assumptions so easily?
  • How does technology influence your decisions?
  • And what does all this mean for your task, for your role?

The more you are aware of the limitations of your own brain, the more effective you become in 'fighting fires' in your own organization.

And who better to learn that from than a firefighter?

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    Keynote Speaker

    Bart is a passionate speaker on the following subjects:

    AI en Human Factors

    Als we menselijke besluitvorming met technologie willen verbeteren, moeten we dan niet eerst menselijke besluitvorming begrijpen?

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    Situational Awareness

    We helpen menselijke fouten te begrijpen, de impact van barrières op het gebied van situationeel bewustzijn te verminderen en de dynamische besluitvorming te verbeteren.

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    Wie is Bart?

    Kom meer te weten over Bart van Leeuwen, zijn achtergrond, motivatie en missie.

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