Speaker | Expert in decision-making under pressure | Firefighter

How do you make decisions?

It seems like a simple question, but the answer is certainly not. We think we make very rational choices, but in practice this is often not true.

And as a firefighter, I must make my decisions very rationally, right? I can tell you; firefighters also do not always make rational decisions in the heat of the moment.

During my talks and workshops I like to take you on a trip into your own brain. How does this really work when you make decisions?

  • How well are you able to perceive?
  • Why do we give in to assumptions so easily?
  • How does technology influence your decisions?
  • And what does all this mean for your task, for your role?

The more you are aware of the limitations of your own brain, the more effective you become in 'fighting fires' in your own organization.

And who better to learn that from than a firefighter?

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    What people have said about my talks

    At our GroupConnected 'Connected to the Future' event, Bart took the audience into his world of decision-making at the Fire Department in a great and attractive story with compelling examples. Decision-making, which is sometimes made in a split second and perhaps unconsciously. Can AI help the Fire Department make better decisions based on the abundance of data? We now know that we first need to better understand how we as humans make decisions! And this, of course, applies to every organization. No one other than Bart can explain this to you with such enthusiasm! It really made everyone think; “What about us?”

    Jaap de Roos – Founder GroupConnected en haar netwerken

    During the eRIC2024, a trade fair focused on disaster management, incident management and crisis management, Bart made an important contribution in the form of a lecture.
    At the special speakers corner organized by the Meldkamerplein Foundation, Bart was one of the ten speakers during this two-day trade fair.
    In his lecture, Bart provided a clear and well-substantiated counterpoint to the euphoria of the use of AI. Although AI is a big step towards better supporting Control Room processes, it is not the holy grail that is the solution for everything.
    In the presentation, the audience was taken through the challenges of the combination of AI and human decision-making during emergency care. After all, if we want to improve decision-making during incidents with AI, we must first understand how the human decision-making process works?
    The lecture was highly appreciated and as the organizer of the emergency room square and the lectures in the speakers corner, I look back on his contribution with a satisfied feeling.

    Roeland Staal, community manager Stichting Meldkamerplein.

    Bart has given Keynote talks at a couple of our conferences, and the audience reaction has been strongly positive each time. His talks are insightful, practical, and entertaining. He can discuss human behavior with the unique authenticity and perspective of a first responder. He can also dive deeply into technology, or bring in academic research to help explain his message, as someone with a background in science and teaching. He speaks with authority and confidence in his subject, but also brings in interesting and fun examples to illustrate his points.

    It's clear that he cares a lot about delivering value when he is on stage, but he doesn't parachute in then disappear right after he speaks. Nor does he give exactly the same presentation to every group he meets. Bart is exceptionally personable, and will try to stay at the meeting longer, before and after his talk, so that the audience has the opportunity to engage with him one on one. He often uses this time to understand the audience better, and where they are coming from, so he can relate his message more to their needs.

    Bart is always well-prepared, communicates thoroughly, and meets all his deadlines. From an organizer’s perspective, he is a professional in every sense of word, and a pleasure to do business with.

    Tony Shaw - CEO & Founder, DATAVERSITY | Data and IT education | Leading Data Conferences, Training, Publishing